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Low Voltage Main Switchboards

low-voltage-main-switchboard-1Price Trandos Engineering Pty Ltd have a complete range of FULLY TYPE TESTED LOW AND MEDIUM VOLTAGE SITE MAIN SWITCHBOARDS. Our designs incorporate supply from world class electrical manufacturers such as Schneider, Terasaki, ABB and GE switchgear; all of which can be customised to suit our clients specific needs. We also manufacture Sub-Station Kiosks up to but not limited to 1,000 KVA.


Price Trandos Engineering Pty Ltd can provide number of options for our clients;  custom design switchboards from single line diagrams, or base the design on information we gather from our clients. At the same time we are large enough to facilitate keystone projects providing complete transparency of production during quotation, design and construction.


Price Trandos Engineering Pty Ltd have an expertise in custom build of switchboards, we can source and install various brands of switchgear and control gear, enhancing cost effectiveness when and if a specific brand is requested by a customer.


The range of our main switchboards goes up to 6300 amps with a fault withstand up to 100kA for 3 second and any form of segregation to AS3439.


Over past 25 years we have played segnificant part in building some of the bigest projects in Industrial, Mining, Commercial, Health, Defence, Education (BER, WAPPP) and Residental Develompents Sector throughout Western Australia.

Our Range of Low Voltage Switchboards

vertical look at distribution board

Main Switchboard (Main SB)

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Distribution Board (DB)

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main switch in panel board

Panel Board

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