MV/HV Voltage Switchboards - Kiosk Substations

Price Trandos Engineering also has the capabilities to manufacture MV Kiosks from our manufacturing plant in Perth, Western Australia. We can design and build to accommodate a variety of MV and LV equipment in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure with segregation between compartments. The modular design makes allowance for multiple compartments as required, each sized to accommodate the specific equipment. As part of our complete service and product offering, control and protection equipment can also be installed, interconnecting cabling between MV equipment, transformers, LV switchboards.  The project example for this is Raaf Pearce.

The kiosks come complete with transformer, HV ring main unit and LV switchboard or as required by the customer.

We have successfully designed, built and supplied kiosks in the mining sectors (Rio Tinto, Mac Village) and the Department of Defence – RAAF Pearce and Generator & Power Services WA step down transformers.

medium voltage switchboards

Key Features

Designed to customer specified high voltage switchgear (oil filled, TX, RM6 or air insulated).

Customer specified low voltage switchgear.

Minimal installation and maintenance costs.

Optional built in oil-containment bund.

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