Do you know what the risks are in not servicing your switchboards regularly?

At Price Trandos Engineering, we recommend servicing your switchboards on a yearly basis.  There are health and safety, and financial risks that may arise due to a lack of maintenance on your switchboards.  Critical sites such as hospitals, medical facilities, shopping centres, and manufacturing plants are reliant on the continuous feed of electricity to power the key functions of providing a product or service.  The disruption caused by a malfunctioning switchboard can be detrimental to the business and may have financial and safety impacts.  More so, in the event of an electrocution, the lack of maintenance on the switchboards may also cause the breakers not to trip, potentially placing lives at risk.  Price Trandos Engineering has a fully dedicated Perth based licensed electricians, specifically trained to service, fault find, repair, or modify your switchboards.

Our 24/7 service and maintenance team are on call for all Switchboard issues that may arise in the Perth metropolitan area.

Why Service Your Switchboard?

  • Extends the useful lifecycle of assets decreasing the need for capital replacements.
  • Enhances the efficiency of equipment keeping them running more efficiently and lowering power expenses.
  • Health and safety from fire caused by faults in appliance, tools and wiring.
  • Making sure old switchboards in service to ensure a high level of systems availability and to prevent any downtime that may affect the client’s operations.
  • Enhances customer (internal or external) service because maintenance teams have less unplanned maintenance and can respond quicker to new problems.
  • Contributes positively to the reputation of companies.
Using thermographic camera at work

We offer a 24/7 breakdown service, preventive maintenance programs on newly installed and existing switchboards, and electrical/mechanical diagnostics on potential issues on your switchboards.

service vehicles of price trandos engineering

24/7 On Call for Breakdown/Repair Services

We understand how critical, urgent and detrimental a system failure can be. Revenue is lost from loss-of-operations, customer confidence may diminish, and safety maybe compromised. This is why we provide our clients with a 24/7 breakdown/repair services.

With dedicated electricians standing by, we will promptly address your issue, propose an action plan and travel to any site across the Perth metropolitan area upon your request.

Our Services

New Installed Switchboard

Switchboards, irrespective of the class of duty, should be examined prior to commissioning and inspected within 12 months of the defect liability period. At Price Trandos Engineering, we provide a complete solution to make sure your newly installed switchboards works efficiently and effectively.

Routine Maintenance

“Prevention is better than cure”. Planned and scheduled maintenance is the key to trouble-free operation for any electrical switchboard. Also, by tracking test data you can get a better idea of the expected life of the equipment and focus your maintenance efforts on the areas that truly need it the most.

Thermographic Surveys

Infrared thermography is a proactive troubleshooting and preventative maintenance tool. Switchboards can be infrared scanned (thermal imaging). This is a fast and effective approach of identifying potential problems early. Thermal imaging is cost and time effective as it is a non-contact, non destructive means of testing and identifying root problems. With our thermal imaging, it will reduce your insurance premiums and prevent down-time.

Various testings that we do

Functional Testing

Emergency and exit light test. Even if you know where all the exits are located and all exit lights seem to be in working order, regular testing and maintenance is the only way to minimize the risk of faulty exit lights in an emergency situation, which ultimately help to increase the safety of occupants in the building

Trip Button Test

Most moulded case circuit breakers can have an inbuilt trip button to check the functionality of the operating device and this trip button can be used to check the correct operation of the circuit breakers

RCD Testing

Safety switches, or Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are designed to save lives. They operate by tripping (cutting the electricity supply) when an electrical current imbalance is detected between the active and neutral conductors. RCD testing is critical as it prevents the majority of electrical fatalities and also protect against fire caused by faults in appliance, tools and wiring.