Newly Installed Switchboard

All newly installed switchboards should be inspected and maintained within the 12 month warranty period.  This ensures that the boards’ longevity and lifespan is maintained and reached. We do this by certifying the correct installation of the switchboards, in specific; we look for accurate busbar connections and terminations and hot spots within the switchboard.

Switchboard maintenance is vital to ensuring that the boards are commissioned correctly from the outset. Our maintenance program will include mechanical and operational checks of the componentry, infra-red thermal imaging scan of the board to identify loose busbar connections, and checking the structural integrity of the switchboards. The maintenance check of the board is very minimal in cost, if not maintained properly; the breakdown of the switchboards can attract extravagant repair costs and delays in site operation. We highly recommend a preventative maintenance program to avoid these potential issues.

All of our service technicians are Australian licensed electricians and who have had extensive experience manufacturing and quality assurance testing our switchboards. They have the ability to fault find any issues that the board may be experiencing.

Below is a list of examinations to be done for newly installed switchboards:

  • Check the tightness of any fixing and fastenings especially at terminals for conductors and joints of copper connections. (these could come loose during transportation and would result in hot spots and fire hazards)

  • Internal cleanliness (this is important as the dust and presence of foreign objects increase the possibility of flash overs).

  • Condition of insulation

  • Operation of circuit breakers, handle mechanisms

  • Integrity of mechanical interlocks (you may need to adjust the cable interlocks (you may need to adjust the cable interlocks once the switchboard is transported to site for correct operation)

  • Condition of weather seals and gaskets on doors

  • Condition of protective coating and signs of corrosion

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