Keep Good Records and Trend Performance

By tracking test data and conducting regular switchboard testing, you can get a better idea of the expected life of the equipment and focus your maintenance efforts on the areas that truly need it the most.  Records should be in the form of a sheet or schedule to suit the particular plant or installation.

Records should state:

  • The condition of the equipment at the nominated inspection intervals

  • Work carried out

  • Any areas that may give future concerns

Functional Testing

Functional testing of the switchboard and switchgear is to be carried out periodically to ensure correct function of circuits.

Emergency and exit light test. Even if you know where all the exits are located and all the exit lights seem to be in working order, regular testing and maintenance is the only way to minimise the risk of faulty exit lights in an emergency situation, which will ultimately help to increase the safety of occupants in the building.

It is a legislative requirement to undertake emergency lighting testing throughout the installation:

6 Monthly

  • Visual Check

  • Discharge test 90 minutes

  • Reinstate supply

  • Clean all light emitting and reflecting surfaces

12 Monthly

  • Visual Check

  • Discharge test 90 minutes

  • Reinstate supply

functional testing
trip button testing

Trip Button Testing

Most moulded case circuit breakers can have an inbuilt trip button to check the functionality of the operating device and this trip button can be used to check the correct operation of the circuit breakers

RCD Testing

Safety Switches, or Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are designed to save lives. They operate by tripping (cutting the electricity supply) when an electrical current imbalance is detected between the active and neutral conductors. The majority of electrical fatalities could have been prevented by the use of a properly installed RCD, and regular testing to ensure they are working correctly.

You should ensure that you conduct regular RCD testing in accordance with your industry and state based regulations. As a minimum, a trip button test to ensure the correct operation of the RCD.

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