What are Thermographic Surveys?

Infrared thermography is a proactive troubleshooting and preventative maintenance tool. It enables us (the operators) and you (the client) to uncover any potential issues and resolve them before they cause further disruption.

Conventional techniques such as impedance testing and torque checking have a relatively low effectiveness in detecting and preventing failure. However, thermal imaging (using a heat sensitive camera) is a technique for making invisible infrared radiation visible. It is the non-contact on-line mapping and analysis of thermal patterns from the surface of an object that can be employed to detect these temperature rises or “hot spots”. Identification of hot spots can be used to recommend remedial works, reducing the number of defects and improving reliability, all of which are normally undetectable.

Why it is important?

Regular Thermographic check-ups will reduce downtime that may be experienced if a fault is left to cause greater heat or fire damage.


External conductors are connected up on site for the switchboards tested at the manufacturer changing the condition of tests done at the factory. These connections and sometimes the excessive loading of circuits create hot spots in terminals resulting in fire. It is recommended that a thermographic survey of an installed switchboard is commissioned and also when a circuit is added/changed or some sort of modification is done to the switchboard and its connections.

Who is this Service for?

Thermographic survey is for anyone who operates electrical equipment, switchboards, switchgear, or any kind of machinery. It is especially useful for facility managers, landlords, service technicians, and in any circumstances where service agreements and liability issues may be involved.

How often should testing be carried out?

We advise infrared scanning to be conducted every six month or on a yearly basis to increase the expected life of the equipment and focus your maintenance efforts on the areas that truly need it the most.

Thermographic Surveys Images

Normal Camera vs Thermographic Camera

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